2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

After a short history since launching in June 2016, we have made some big steps towards the future by the end of 2019. With more than 11,000 participants across our resiliency basketball programs and more than 100 young people placed into jobs through our employment pathways programs, we continue to focus on developing social impact partnerships that inspire positive change while responding to community identified needs and opportunities.


This year has been a big year, building on the strength of existing programs and partnerships to identify innovative project ideas that could contribute to real community needs in a meaningful and sustainable way. This year has seen the launch of some exciting projects including:


  • Bounce Courts innovation project building basketball courts in remote Aboriginal communities
  • Launch of our Stand Tall Coaches project to deliver employment opportunities for remote region coaches. The project focusses on school partnerships around education outcomes while delivering employment pathways for remote Indigenous coaches.
  • Investing in social enterprise projects such as the Bounce Academy and Larapinta Experiences to develop long term financial sustainability opportunities.
  • Expansion of our Stand Tall Women’s programs across Sydney.


The 2019 Annual Report includes:

  • Key statistics across our programs
  • Our program scope and summaries
  • Ambassadors and Coaches
  • Planning for what’s ahead
  • How to get involved
  • Board of Directors and supporters
  • Expert Panel of Advisors


As always we wouldn’t have achieved the outcomes for young people without all our incredible partners and all our supporters, both big and small. A massive thank you to all of the participants across all the programs that have made this year another great year and inspired all of our team. We aim to live out our focus to inspire positive change and continually find ourselves inspired by the amazing resilience, courage, drive and determination within the stories of everyone we have encountered across all our programs. Thanks again for being a part of what we are doing and trusting us with your time and access to your lives in different degrees.



Thanks again to not just our funding partners but the private donors who have committed themselves to what we do and continue to make a huge difference in the lives of many through basketball. Our private donors and government funding cover 100% of the management and administration expenses of Charity Bounce, investing into our long-term mission, our ability to scale as an organisation, and our commitment to using 100% of public donations for direct program delivery.


We are still a ‘young’ organisation with lots of plans for 2020 and we want to thank everyone who has been with us and are part of the story of Charity Bounce.


Download the 2019 Charity Bounce- Annual Report


Download the 2019 Charity Bounce – Not For Profit – Financial Statements

A sample of what you will find in our 2019 Annual Report







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