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Help create positive change and job futures
for young people in our communities.

60% of Indigenous young people aged 17-24 are not in education or employment.  They are almost five times more likely to have no engagement in study or work than their non-Indigenous peers; and only 59% of Indigenous Australians have completed year 12 compared to 88 per cent of non-Indigenous Australians.

We are on a mission to deliver innovative basketball programs that focus on inspiring a successful mindset in the young people in our communities, both on and off the court.

Using the game of basketball to increase their chances at the game of life

Many at-risk young people feel marginalised from mainstream society, due to language difficulties, cultural differences, and the history of rapid change and dispossession for youth in these communities, with many young people suffering greatly from intergenerational trauma, poor nutrition, depression and suicide, multiple health issues, and lack of engagement with schools, employers, and the wider community. 

There is significant evidence to support a program approach that uses strong support frameworks, particularly in regard to employment pathways for the target group, with the program including a focus on increasing employment training and opportunities for those transitioning out of school to close the employment gap that exists. 

With a focus on Indigenous and culturally diverse communities, we deliver unique basketball programs that build resilience among young people at risk, using innovation through basketball, education and employment programs to create 'out of reach' opportunities that inspire and motivate change.

Using resiliency principles, skills and training learned on a basketball court the program focuses on positive health and well-being, social connection, teamwork and the development of resiliency and employability skills. 

Every. Bounce. Matters.

Giving with Confidence

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Monthly donors are committed to improving the lives of young people in our communities.

Just $5 a week can help provide access to our programs for 5 at risk young people.

For the price of a coffee you could help change a young person's future.

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