What is the Bounce100?

The Bounce100 is our new major partners program, where significant funding partners contribute to building a sustainable funding model to enable us to deliver our social impact programs. The Bounce100 is a network of 100 funding partners contributing a minimum of $10,000 each year through one or more of our engagement program opportunities:


Fundraising Events

Workplace and Customer Giving

Pro bono Support

Team Building Programs

Corporate Services


The Bounce100 is more than a monthly giving program but a core partners program where we join together to build resiliency and positive job futures for young people at risk.


We are planning some special events ahead for our Bounce100 partners and we would love you or your company to get involved.



Where will the funding go?

You have 100% control over where your contribution goes; you can make sure it goes toward the specific programs that you’re passionate about (our Stand Tall, Breakfast Club, or Central Australia programs, for example). We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the impact that your generosity will have!

What can partners look forward to as a Bounce 100 member?

This is where the Bounce 100 initiative differs from existing donation offerings:

  • Be a part of a sustainable program funding model
  • Activate in a way that makes sense for you or your company
  • Access to Bounce 100 networking events
  • Exclusive access to presentations from a wide variety of Bounce 100 members
  • Receive partner promotions
  • Making a positive impact to at-risk youths in Australia

Stay posted for more as we make our plans for the coming year!



How can companies get involved as partners of the program?

  • Set up workplace giving programs to engage with employees and teams
  • Speaking events from our in-house professional speakers like former Harlem Globetrotter Tracy Williams
  • Team-building events and customised training opportunities
  • Consultancy services available for coaching, Strengths based programs, 360 reviews , etc…
  • Networking with like minded people
  • Team fundraising campaigns and challenges
  • Great content for social media