Charity Bounce x 2K Foundations Partnership

Charity Bounce x 2K Foundations Partnership

We are thrilled to be able to show you some of the work we have been doing as part of our incredible partnership between 2K Foundations and Charity Bounce that is making a lasting impact in our local communities.
With the shared vision of creating positive change through the game of basketball, 2K Foundations and Charity Bounce are dedicated to providing young people with a safe and inclusive space to pursue their basketball dreams. This collaboration represents a commitment to fostering resilience and personal growth through the game we love.


These courts not only provide a place for young athletes to hone their skills, but will also serve as a hub for community engagement and social development programs. We believe in the transformative power of sport to promote teamwork, discipline, and resilience, equipping young individuals with valuable life skills that extend far beyond the court.


Through this partnership, 2K Foundations and Charity Bounce aim to foster a sense of belonging and empower the youth to dream big, pursue their passions, and reach their full potential. By providing access to quality facilities and support, we are investing in the future of these talented individuals, helping them overcome obstacles and unlocking their true potential.


We extend our deepest gratitude to the generous donors and volunteers who have contributed their time, resources, and expertise to bring this project to fruition. 


Join us in creating a legacy that will inspire generations to come, fostering vibrant, thriving communities united by the love of basketball! 



For more information on Bounce, visit our home page!


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