Eat Strong Play Strong Visits Gawura

Eat Strong Play Strong Visits Gawura


Celebrity Chef Sean Connelly cooks up a storm with the Sydney Kings at Gawura school.

‘Eat Strong Play Strong’ a program run by Charity Bounce visited Gawura school to promote healthy eating and physical activity.


Sean Connelly prepared several healthy breakfast options for the children using ingredients such as ricotta cheese, spinach, shallots, banana and strawberries. With Kings players answering questions about what they eat in the morning to prepare their body’s for sport and fueling their bodies with Sean’s breakfast we were ready to hit the court for some basketball!


The Sydney Kings player’s Jason Cadee and Julian Khazzouh taught the children some excellent basketball drills.


unspecified-1The kids found out it was Julian’s 30th birthday the next day so they sang a hearty happy birthday to him! Josh, Year 2 Gawura student said to Julian, who is a mere 6ft 11″ in height,
“You are almost as tall as my mum!” who is actually not quite 6ft! Just goes to show how ‘imposing’ mums can actually appear in a child’s eyes!


Mission Foods gave us lots of goodie bags for the children so they could go home and start trying their new recipes.


What a fun day Gawura we can’t wait to see you again soon!




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