What is the Rising Stars Mentoring Program?


The RISING STARS Career Mentoring Program connects young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with a successful mentor from the business community and delivers an opportunity for them to gain  guidance to support their career expansion. This program is a mentoring partnership focused on developing a young person’s career abilities and identifying career and personal goals. The program aims to empower young people with the skills to become future leaders. Our Hoop Dreams employment program delivers fundamental skills, encouragement and practical tools to young people aged 18-24 years old from diverse backgrounds.


What can mentoring do for a young person?


Having a RISING STARS Mentor provides a young person with the opportunity to:

▪ Learn from and be guided by an experienced business professional;

▪ Reflect on career goals and future ambitions;

▪ Develop job-seeking skills and support to find a job;

▪ Build their professional network and make new contacts;

▪ Gain confidence and develop new skills that will assist them throughout their life;

▪ Understand career pathways available once in a job.


How long does the program go for?


The program is over a minimum six-month period but typically last for 12 months and beyond.


What are the commitments of a mentor?

▪ Mentors are expected to commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months and may participate beyond this period if mutually agreed with the mentees. Each relationship is different and comes with its benefits and opportunities. There are 3 levels of mentoring available through the program:


Level 1: Motivational Mentor – These mentors encourage young people towards a career, providing positive input and feedback to succeed in life, practical advice and belief in what they can achieve (minimum contact once per month);


Level 2: Make it Work Mentor – These mentors provide practical job searching tips and tools, assisting with resumes, interview skills, job readiness, and post-employment career support (minimum contact once per fortnight over first 3 months);


Level 3: Maximum Opportunity Mentor – These mentors go above and beyond to actually find job opportunities for young people and assist in making sure they end up with a job (minimum contact once per week over first 3 months).


▪ Contact may involve a range of methods including video calls, email, phone contact or face to face meetings;

▪ Complete relevant reference checks and required screening processes.

The aim of the mentor support is to promote the growth and career path of a young person and be part of them developing and achieving their goals, including support to start in a job, grow their professional network, and discover new career opportunities


What do we provide for mentors?


Charity Bounce provides the following support for mentors:

▪ Mentor training programs for all mentors;

▪ Mentor support on a monthly basis with Charity Bounce mentor support staff;

▪ Mentor functions and events where you will get to connect and network with Charity Bounce staff, other mentors, and mentees (online and location-based where available);

▪ Access to RISING STARS leadership events with business and community leaders providing business network opportunities and training.