Sediqa Rezaei wins 2020 Courageous Use of Sport Award!

Sediqa Rezaei wins 2020 Courageous Use of Sport Award!

We are so proud of long-time Charity Bounce program participant and coach Sediqa for winning Beyond Sport’s Courageous Use of Sport Award!

Sediqa is an absolute pleasure to work with at Bounce. With her combination of resiliency, empathy and courage, we can’t think of anyone more deserving to win this award than Sediqa!

A prize that came along with the award was the chance to speak to WWE and Mandalorian superstar Sasha Banks. It was an awesome experience for Sediqa, who’s a longtime fan of the famous social media icon.

Read Beyond Sport’s full press release below:

At the age of 19, Sediqa is a passionate and revered role model for the basketball players she works with as a community coach with the organization Charity Bounce . As a young woman in Western Sydney, Sediqa has been blazing a trail for fellow Muslim athletes in Australia and around the world as she became one of the first women to receive official permission to trial playing the game with a hijab. Sediqa advocated for this change in Australia and played a significant role in ensuring this rule did not prevent other young Muslim women from competing. As a community coach, Sediqa will often travel more than 2 hours to reach the communities where she works as a smiling and enthusiastic leader, training mostly refugee and Aboriginal youth in basketball and life skills.

Read about the rest of the winners here; they were all fantastic in their own right!

Appreciate the platform that Beyond Sport has provided for both Sediqa and Charity Bounce!


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