Charity Bounce Certified Corporate Program

Telstra Commercial team at the Charity Bounce Certified program

Telstra Commercial team at the Charity Bounce Certified program


Combatting Youth Unemployment: Why Charity Bounce? 

At Charity Bounce, we have found basketball to be a brilliant vehicle to help deliver programs to inspire young people — including Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, and newly arriving refugees — to set goals and learn life-long skills which will assist them on and off the basketball court. Our basketball programs, along with our network of youth workers, career coaches and mentors help each young person identify their personal and career goals and guide them through the field of employment. We have seen time and time again that helping young people find and keep a job is a game-changer that inspires them to believe in themselves and reach their potential.


Join us on court for our Charity Bounce Certified corporate program for companies. 

In any business, taking time to invest into the strength of your team is invaluable. Charity Bounce Certified is designed as an opportunity for companies to experience the programs we deliver to young people on a basketball court as a company team building exercise. We know many companies each year conduct staff/client events or team-building workshops so we hope you will consider ours. We will also see which professional basketballers or legends of basketball can attend so your staff/clients can mix with some of these great athletes as we have so many players who support us with our programs.


Email [email protected] to find out more about bringing Charity Bounce Certified to your company.


Emma – “I had so much fun, this session left me feeling pumped & accomplished, and I think it’s the perfect program to encourage other young Australians to dream big and grow!”


Customise Charity Bounce Certified for your company!


1.  Team Building Workshop for staff/clients (1- 1.5 hours)

Step into the shoes of how we engage young people with basketball through a team workshop for staff and/or clients delivered by our professional coaches and youth workers. This program is based on our Stand Tall Employability Skills Basketball Program which we run for young people from disadvantaged communities. This workshop will be a fun and interactive basketball program on the court which allows participants to understand how young people are engaged through the program to assist their personal and workplace development using social emotional learning skills.


2. Get involved with the work Charity Bounce is doing in the lives of young Australians

Advocacy Support: A key to placing young people in jobs is building relationships with businesses who have employment opportunities.  Any introductions you can help us with are so valuable to us. All jobs are important, from warehousing, IT , hospitality, retail, call centres, etc… so any job/company you could identify would be appreciated.


Fundraising: The team building workshop can also be used to launch a fundraising campaign for your company using a company branded fundraising platform. The funds raised by the staff and/or clients for Charity Bounce will be 100% tax deductible and all proceeds will be donated directly to our youth programs. Your company can choose one or several of our programs to support. Click here for more information about our programs.


Rising Stars Career Mentoring Program: This program is a mentoring partnership which provides professionals from the business community an opportunity to become a workplace mentor for young people who have been placed in a new job.


We recently ran a Charity Bounce Certified Team Building Workshop with L&A Social. Check out a few responses from their team:


L&A Social on the court with Charity Bounce Certified Team Building Workshops

Abi – Taking an hour or two out of the office can seem impossible when you are busy, but the benefits of the Charity Bounce programme definitely make being away from your desk worth your while! Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something new with your colleagues gives you the opportunity to get to know each other on a different level. The programme helps you to analyse your own strengths and teaches you how you can contribute best to your team. 


Emma – L&A’s session with Charity Bounce was a truly valuable & fun experience! Uniting the team outside of the office into a welcoming and energetic space was such an amazing way to bond; we learnt more about Charity Bounce’s organisation, each other, and ourselves. The exercises we did combined strategy & motor skills, as well as encouraged teamwork, group discussions and delved into real-life adaptations of skills and strengths. I had so much fun, this session left me feeling pumped & accomplished, and I think it’s the perfect program to encourage other young Australians to dream big and grow! 



Learning some new skills with the Charity Bounce coaches

Jonathan – The L&A team loved their day with Charity Bounce! It was awesome to see the team bond out of the office while developing their basketball skills and team camaraderie, all while learning more about themselves, each other and their personal and professional strengths. It’s great to experience first hand how these programs engage young Australians and how basketball can change people’s lives, one bucket at a time. 


Email [email protected] to find out more about bringing Charity Bounce Certified to your company.


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