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Bounce Clubs Partnerships Application Form

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

Charity Bounce is dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youth by providing basketball clubs that foster resilience, empower personal development, facilitate job readiness and employment opportunities, and support young people toward positive futures and fulfilling careers.

Through our basketball clubs, we create a safe and supportive environment for youth to discover their true potential, develop essential life skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging and teamwork. With a focus on indigenous and culturally diverse communities, we strive to instill the belief that every challenge they face is an opportunity for growth and that together, we can build a society where every young person has the chance to thrive and succeed.

Charity Bounce would like to invite potential community partners to apply for support for programmes or initiatives that support young people aged 12-19 to empower these young individuals to overcome adversities they may face, both on and off the court and increase their ability to succeed in life and transition to work.



We have 3 levels of partnership available with a focus on initiatives that support under-represented groups of young people

Bounce clubs “Funded” partners:

An organisation/pre-existing community program with a stake in the community and engaging with young people regularly, but needs assistance to sustain and continue encouraging young people to thrive.

Bounce Clubs “Powered” partners:

Existing community programs/individuals engaging with young people and needing assistance to continue with their initiatives in their community.

Bounce Clubs “Supported” partners:

Coach/individual working with young people in the community who want support with how to empower individuals and practical assistance to help youth become resilient through basketball.



This application will require you to submit information detailing:

  • Overview of your organisation/experience and current work

  • Proposed project partnership

  • Locations of delivery

  • Anticipated participant demographics

If applying for a Funded or Powered Club, there are further questions below including:

  • How funding will encourage the inclusion of under-represented groups of young people

  • How funding will be used to promote and foster resilience, empower personal development, and create a safe and supportive environment.  facilitate job readiness and employment opportunities

  • Plans to incorporate the Bounce Clubs training and engage coaches, volunteers, and/or young leaders in the project

  • Value that your organisation can bring to the lives of young people

Charity Bounce will use the data you provide to review partnership options for 2024.

Please provide as much detail as possible.

By selecting ‘yes’ below, you consent to Charity Bounce using all data and content that you provide for the purposes listed above. The information you provide will be shared with the Charity Bounce panel/staff to determine funding and partnership decisions.

About You

About Your Club

Please estimate the age gorup/s of young people that you (or your organisation) work(s) with each year. Select all that apply
Please select any of the following demographics that are/will be represented within your Club. Select all that apply
Are you planning on running any womens-only sessions? Select an option:

For Supported Partner Applications, or if you're unsure of which level you would like to join, please go to the next section and submit your application

For Funded or Powered Applications

How did you hear about Bounce Clubs?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Application Form.

If you have any further questions or would like to amend or remove your submission at any time, you can get in touch with the team at Charity Bounce via

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