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Charity Bounce Fundraising

From fancy dress to sausage sizzles to 3x3 competitions and everything in between, we’ve watched thousands of campaigners prove that nothing is too crazy when it comes to raising money to help give young people a better chance at the game of life.

   Create your own campaign and start spreading the word.   


Fundraising events can be one of the most exciting events on the school calendar. Why not host a fundraiser that gets the whole school talking such a basketball shoot out - teachers vs students!

Or host a basketball movie night and have a shoot out on the night!

Collecting Donations

Host your own fundraising event at home, or at your children's basketball games. Make a special day more meaningful by asking for donations instead of gifts. Bounce your way through the City2Surf! There are so many fun ways to fundraise.

Charity Volunteers

The easiest way to raise money at work is to find out if you have Workplace Giving , especially as companies often match your donation! Or hold a 3x3 basketball shoot out among teams, or departments,or the boss! 

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