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Nairobi, Kenya

Charity Bounce has established effective community partnerships in Nairobi, training more than 15 local coaches to deliver basketball and resiliency programs, while supporting employment outcomes.

Through a partnership with Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) the programs focus on those who require alternative engagement pathways to achieve positive health, social, and employment participation outcomes.


The program will address a number of key challenge areas for disadvantaged young people, including:


  • Reduce youth unemployment rates in Kenya

  • Use the game of basketball for lifeskills development and economic empowerment.

  • Create an opportunity for internships,job placements and entrepreneurship for young people.

  • Increase career knowledge for young people

  • Increase self-efficacy and confidence on job searching and interviews.

  • Increase knowledge on savings and budgeting

  • Nurture and develop basketball skills and career aspirations among young people.

nairobi basketball charity
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