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U18 Elite Womens Team


In 2023 we recruited an elite U18 Women's Team of talented young women from across Australia.

Our aim was that under the training and guidance of head coach Tracy Williams, they would be ready to head to Kentucky USA for one of the biggest basketball tournaments in the world.

As our first year, we had high hopes but we had no idea how well this team would do! 

Through their determination and hustle, our young women earned the right to compete for glory in the championship game. 

Our elite women’s U18 team finished number 1 in both the Run 4 Roses Classic (Silver Championship) with a 4-1 record and the Run 4 Roses Championship (Gold Championship) with another 4-1 record.

These incredible young women played their hearts out and showed true resilience.

They closed the tournament with an impressive 8-2 record.

Our Program is more than just a positive movement.

On the USA trip, we had team sessions where the team wrote down any goals and challenges they face.

Every day we had resiliency sessions to focus on a new message.

Our young women all demonstrated resilience and gained confidence, positive attitudes, and independence.

Big thank you to @underarmourau and @hoytsaustralia for supporting the team!

To find out how you can sponsor the 2024 U18 Team, sponsor a player to allow them to participate in the USA trip

or get involved in other ways please get in touch.

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