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Career & Education Pathways

ONLY 59%

of Indigenous Australians have completed year 12 compared to 88 per cent of non-Indigenous Australians.


gap in school retention rates to the end of year 12 for young people from low socio-economic groups.


students in the bottom socio-economic quartile are, on average, almost three years behind those in the top quartile.


Indigenous young people are almost five times more likely to have no engagement in study or work than their non-Indigenous peers.


Young people are almost 5X more likely to be unemployed, with more than 25% of long-term unemployed aged 15-24 years.


of Indigenous young people aged 17-24 are not in education or employment.

Our programs delivers fundamental skills, encouragement and practical tools for disengaged youth, particularly from Indigenous and culturally diverse communities, including newly arrived refugees.

We provides education and pre-employment support to improve the job-readiness of young people and provide education and employment pathways.

In partnership with our coaches, ambassadors, mentors and corporate partners we identify young peoples' goals, help to create a pathway to success and play a facilitation role in removing any challenges and barriers to effective engagement.


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