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Hoop Dreams Program & Support

Our Hoop Dreams employment program delivers fundamental skills, encouragement and practical tools to Indigenous and culturally diverse youth.

The program provides intensive, pre-education and pre-employment support to improve the job-readiness of young people and provide education and employment pathways, playing a facilitation role in removing any challenges and barriers to effective engagement.

How can we support you with your next steps?

Person Sitting on Staircase

Not sure where to start ?

Young Student

Figuring out higher education?

Coffee Shop

Looking for casual work?

Young Vlogger

Know what you want and need support getting there?

how can we help?

Just fill in the form or call 

Kate Savage

+61 (0) 2 9188 9676  

Thanks for reaching out. Chat soon!

Get in touch and talk to our career coach about the
Hoop Dreams Program


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